Tuesday Test: Final Fantasy

Welcome back to Tuesday Test.  So this week is a week full of Tuesday which mean two things.  I bought a faulty calender and you get a week full of ‘Tests’.  Today we look at the game series that, despite it’s name, never seems to go away – and for good cause.  Today we look at Final Fantasy!

I love Final Fantasy ever since I played Final Fantasy 4.  The idea of a game where I battle monsters, level up and suddenly become  a Paladin by staring in the mirror for to long appealed me.  I tried this myself.  I stared at myself in the mirror for seven hours and I got nothing except a greater love for myself.

So this is my Final Fantasy crossword.  It spans all fourteen games and some of their sequels and spin-offs.  So be careful, this can be a little difficult but as usual I’d never leave you hanging.  So just in case, crack open a crystal if you need a hint.

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