42 Screens: This Fall’s Geek TV

This fall a large number of Sci-fi, fantasy and geek shows hit the air. Here is a list of the new and returning.


This is the brand new reboot of much beloved femme fatale character La Femme Nikita. The sexy spy main character is being played Maggie Q, from Mission: Impossible III. The premise of this new reboot seems similar to the past seasons, Nikita is a sexy spy, who wears sexy outfits and kicks a lot of ass, sexily.
When: September 9th 9/8c, Thursday

The Event

IN the new Lost or Heroes we have an unknown event that affects all level of government and people. The event, which is the biggest government cover up in US history.
When: September 20th at 9/8c Monday


The word of this show is Sexpionage. They are retired spy couple who has lost the flame in their life but when a mission that forces them to reenlist they jump at the chance. In this latest show from JJ Abrams we expect the usual twist, mysteries and enjoyable characters.
When: September 22

No Ordinary Family
This is a live action version of The Incredibles, well almost. This is a family of four that gain super powers. The father, a superstrong and invincible cop played by Michael Chiklis (Fantastic Four), a mother with super-speed played by Julie Benz (Dexter), a telepathic daughter and a super genius son. We don’t expect costumes or capes but we do expect a heroes like environment but a little lighter on the secrets.
When: September 28

The Walking Dead
[-youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v0gz5f43x40]In this live action version of Robert Krikman’s comic we see a lone man trying to find his family in a world of zombie. Nuff Said.
When: October


The Vampire Diaries
Elena and Katherine together in one city, Jeremy is dead and the brothers must work together to deal with Katherine…..and of course more Vampires, guys, and witches.
When: September 9

The Clone Wars
The Mandalorians return, we see Darth Maul’s brothers Savage Opress, and Ashoka starts to have premonitions of the dark future. Maybe in this season we will see her death….but most likely not.
When: September 17

Chuck has quit the spy business, his father has died, the buy-more is gone and we are introduced to his mother. Now working as an anti-spy spy what will this new season bring?
When: September 20

Olivia is stuck in the B-Verse, and B-Olivia is under cover here. How will she survive and is B-Olivia really evil? Will she destroy Peter and Walter? Will Walter destroy Peter and Walter?
When: September 23

Is Clark’s secret safe with Lois? Will Chloe and Oliver ever be together? It’s the final season of Smallville, probably, so who will live and who will die? The villain is Darksied, Kara gets a costume and this superhero world will come to an end.
When: September 24th

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  1. Crumby says:

    Can’t wait for Chuck to return!

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