42 Screens: Green Lantern Movie

Released yesterday is the stunning new costume for Ryan Reynolds’ version of Hal Jordan.

In brightest day, in blackest night,

The costume looks like it drew heavily on the one Kyle Rayner wore in his second stint as Ion, a costume I heavily enjoyed.

This brings forth the question of do traditional superhero costumes have any place outside of comics?

Numerous attempts have been made to make an acceptable, and functional, Batman costume but many fall by the wayside being to rubbery, making the wearer unable to move his neck, and having infamous exterior nipples.

Superman costumes have looked horrible in the past as well, some being all cloth and hang poorly off of its wearer, others having to much rubber to make the actor look bigger, and some simply look weird or wrong like on Dean Cain (who I enjoyed as Superman).

The traditional Green Lantern costume should be the costume that would make the easiest transition.  He has a simple costume, especially compared to Batman and Superman, and even the hero is not as physically big as the others.  A simple costume, with a CGI addition of the floating symbol that is apparent in current GL media, would have sufficed.  Is the heavily CGI’d suit needed?  Will it be to much?  Will it be to much of a difference for the hardcore audience? Only time will tell if this new costume iteration works on screen.

Classic Cool
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