42 Screens: Warehouse 13 Season 2 Ep2

Browncoats rejoice as a partial Firefly reunion happens on Warehouse 13.  When Pete and Myka track an artifact that has the power to punch a man through a wall the case leads them to a small neighbourhood in Detroit, Michigan where they face off against a masked superhero.

She must have found an artifact that makes her act like a girl. – Pete

When a quiet neighbourhood succumbs to a wave of crime a man powered by an artifact dons the costume of fictional superhero ‘Iron Shadow.’  The comic hero, marked as the ultimate urban ninja, is a regular powerless-man who has trained his whole life to fight crime; much like Batman, but as the two agents face off against his real life counterpart they meet a man wielding gravity and density powers.  The agents must track down the hero and discover his true identity before the uncontrollable artifact destroys the city like a black hole.

The story, which plays on Pete’s continued love of comic book and Iron Shadow, is a geeks paradise as they reference numerous comic books and characters, Spiderman, Superman, Lex Luthor, Lois Lane, Thor and Batman, and even claim that a belt owned by Jacob Kurtzberg (Jack ‘The King’ Kirby) is an artifact that alters density and grants the user super strength.  This is similar to other mentioned items such as Sampson’s jawbone, Babe Ruth’s bat and Bruce Lee’s punching bag.  They also show that Mjöllnir (in its comic book appearence), the hammer of Thor, is an artifact.  It is a shame they simply didn’t use Batman himself and grant the heritage of an artifact to Bob Kane, but the Jack Kirby reference was enjoyable.  This fun story is strengthened by the ongoing drama that occurs with the remainder of the cast.  Claudia is still angry at Leena, Artie is dealing with the death of his oldest friend and the reoccurring ghost like image he is seeing, and Leena is beginning to suffer from side effects of the pearl of wisdom.

With great power comes great responsibility. <giggles from Pete and Claudia> What? Is that a thing? – Myka

Dr. Tam and Kaylee: Togther at last - With Pie!

The true heart of this episode is the partial reunion of the Firefly cast.  Director Constantine Makris bring both Firefly veterans Sean Maher and the Canadian Jewel Straite back together.  Sean and Jewel played Dr. Simon Tam and Kaylee in Whedon’s Firefly and Serenity.  They were a couple that never was until the very last moment.  In the second episode of the Warehouse 13’s second season, they return together as a mild manner couple very much in love and running a pie shop.  Jewel and Sean play very well off each other, their portrayal of a couple in love is done flawlessly obviously coming from the experience they both have with each other in this very role.

In conclusion this is a strong episode with the nice combination of a Geeky and fun story and the characters dealing serious after effects of both MacPherson and H.G. Wells.

Myka – <On Myka’s middle name> its Ophelia ok, like from Hamlet yes, Ophelia.  Let the mocking commence.

Pete – Ophelia? That’s kinda beautiful.  Can I Ophelia boobies? Oh Snap!

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