Natural 20: Dragon Age 2

It was confirmed today that Dragon Age 2 is in the work for a March ’11 release from Bioware, giving the game a slight month delay then the originally released date.  This was released with Box Art.

The sequel, set over a 10-year period, will see the player transform Blight-survivor Hawke from “a destitute refugee to the revered champion of the land.”

There will be new combat mechanics for the game’s three classes, as well as a quoted “an entirely new cinematic experience.” As had previously been confirmed for the 2011 untitled project, Dragon Age 2 will be coming out for PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.

Dragon Age: Origins shipped in November 2009 to critical acclaim and was followed in March of this year by the Awakening expansion pack. It also received a number of smaller paid-for downloadable content expansions.

BioWare has several major projects in the works in addition to Dragon Age II. The highly anticipated Star Wars: The Old Republic massively multiplayer online game is slated for release next year, and the firm still has to wrap up its sci-fi trilogy with Mass Effect 3

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