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Panic View: Ramez Naam

One of my favourite things about doing 42Webs is being able to get interview from people.  When I hooked up with Angry Robot Books I was able to (digitally) meet some of the newest and greatest authors and ask them … Continue reading

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Tome of Geek: Nexus by Ramez Naam

In the near future. I love a book whose jacket starts with ‘in the near future.’  Those words instil a sense of hope and possibility; they show a world of potential limited by our own creativity.  Ramez Naam has lots … Continue reading

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Geekdown: Top Ten Books I Recommend The Most

In the latest edition of Stolen from Matt I present to you the Top Ten Books I Recommend the Most. I’m a BIG reader and I always encourage people to read as much as I do.  I also know how … Continue reading

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