Geekdown: Top Ten Books I Recommend The Most

In the latest edition of Stolen from Matt I present to you the Top Ten Books I Recommend the Most.

I’m a BIG reader and I always encourage people to read as much as I do.  I also know how hard it is to find a new author or series to read.  So I always suggest any good books I come across.  Also mine are cooler then Matt!  So in no particular order my suggestions!

Mistborn By Brandon Sanderson

The start of his Mistborn Saga, now four books long, that is basically a mix between Oceans Eleven and Lord of the Rings.  It’s a fantasy heist book with not one, not two but three of the most original magic systems in fantasy!

Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss

The story of Rothfuss legendary hero from child to hero.  It’s a story played out over three book.  Its not just a mary sue fiction, it is a story of love, loss, and mistakes.  Lots, and lots of mistakes.

Infinity by Matthew LeDrew and Ellen Curtis

Super powers and pokers.  Mysterious school for gifted children, growing conspiracy.  Take all these cliches and add in talk of spiritual infinity and the responsibility of those with power and place it into the hands of good writers and bam! Awesome read!

Nexus by Ramez Naam

A book about new technology, linking minds, and a debate on the whom the responsibility falls on for potentially dangerous technology!  Take all of that and wrap it up in a high octane action thriller and you’ve got a great read that has already been purchased for a movie!!

The Damned Busters by Matthew Hughes

One part religious examination, one part super hero tale and a brick to the head when you get to the twist four chapters in.  This book is amazing for the sci-fi community or the superhero literature.

The Highwayman by RA Salvatore

I love Drizzt and I lover Catterly but Bransen Garibond is something special.  He’s part Batman, part Iron Man, tack on some Iron Fist and throw in some Green Lantern (the paralyzed one) and you have our hero!.

Storm Front by Jim Butcher

Book 1 in the Dresden Files.  It takes every part of me that love noir detective films and book and smooshes it together with the part of me that wished LOTR was just about Gandulf.

Brimstone Angels by Erin M. Evans

I love Faerun, I love everything about Forgotten Realms.  This book not only strengthen my love for it but raises the bar for what I expect in the FR books.  Best part is I even got a chance to interview the author.

The Electric Church by Jeff Somers

Another dark future book but this one has Avery Cates and a church of cyborgs.  Avery Cates is somebody I would never want to meet – I fear him – but I do love reading him.  Also I was able to interview the author!!

Wake By Robert J. Sawyer

It’s about the internet coming alive.  You start this book thinking its going to be about something like Skynet or How the Matrix Got its Groove Back but it becomes a book more about watching a super intelligent kid growing up.


The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams

This is my ALL TIME favorite book – of ALL TIME!!  I’d have it in the list but EVERYBODY has already read it.  And I’m fine with that!!


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3 Responses to Geekdown: Top Ten Books I Recommend The Most

  1. Pattybones says:

    I have only read one of the books on your list. Now I have more to check out!

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