Tuesday Test: Mistborn Metal

Welcome back to Tuesday Test.  Today we look at one of my favorite book series in recent years, the Mistborn Saga.  This book series, written by Brandon Sanderson, starts as a fantasy series, evolves into a steampunk western, and is set to grow into something even greater.

The series involves a magic system based on physics and activated by ‘burning metals’ inside your body.  This gives your the power to sooth, riot, pull and push and many more just to name a few.  I have decided to try The-Alloy-of-Law-largesomething new today so I made a Lexicon for everybody today.  The Lexicon is a hybrid between a crossword and a word search.

How it Works:

You answer the clues like you would a crosswords, using the number at the as the number of letters in the words, then you search the grid for your answer like you would a word search.

In this case I give you the ability and you figure out what metal you need to do that with.  Then you look up that metal in the word-search!  If you get really stuck – take a look here.


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