42 Screens: Mirror’s Edge 2

An asian woman's face occupies the foreground. She has two long black triangles extending from beneath her right eye, presumably tattoos. She is wearing a black shirt. The white buildings of a city are visible in the background, seen from altitude. The title "Mirror's Edge" lies within a red band that crosses the lower half of the image. Three production company logos are at the bottom of the image.I have been waiting a long, long, long time for this game – LONG – and for a while I never thought I’d get it.  Mirror’s Edge peaked my interest E3 ’07.  It was an original idea that spoke to me.  A FPS game that essentially revolved around jumping puzzles.  That intrigued me while scaring the living crap out of me.  I HATE having to do precise jumps in FPS. They’re annoying.

But the game was good.  VERY GOOD. I fell in love.  I demolished that game.  DEMOLISHED.  I did everything in it.  Time trails, story mode, optional artistic DLC.  I did it all.  I eagerly awaited a sequel.  I heard rumours and press releases but after hearing about a rejected prototype I lost all hope.

Then E3 2013 happened.  I wake up, I booted up my PC and watched the EA press release and what do I see?  I see familiar gloves, familiar tattoos, and a familiar white world environment.  Mirror’s Edge 2.  Thank the heavens!  I was SUPER SERIAL excited.  This was what I wanted.  Finally! And best of all – it was an open world game which left me the ability to run all across the city.  AMAZING!!  Thank you DICE, Thank you so very very much!

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