How to Be Geek: Choosing Pictures

Geeks are a special bunch, not short bus special, just special-special.  We like to do think a certain way.  Be they read, write, watch their fav show or pick out cloths.  We also like a wide variety of pictures to act as our profile snaps, backgrounds, desktops, and phone covers.  This should be easy.

Unless you’re crazy like me.


The old Lock Screen photo

Today I wanted to change my phone background.  It is currently my old lock screen pic.  I like Supergirl, especially her pre-DcNu version, and I enjoy reading her comics.  So I wanted her.  I have her flying on clouds because I think the clouds add something nice to the phone, like wonder or possibility.  But’s it been that photo for far too long.  Time to change.

Now I have requirements for my photo cover.  Their simple but make my life hell when choosing.

  • Cannot be a sexualized pose
  • Has to have a rich background
  • Has to be in the air or flying


Choice #1

Super-girl is cute and/or hot, I believe Kryptonians get DAMN GOOD LOOKS from our sun as well, but when I look at my phone every time I don’t want to become the man of steel myself.  How awkward is that in a meeting?  Need those numbers bill?  Sure let me check my phone.  Whoops – up, up and away!

Also I look at Supergirl and see strength and power – not slutty and Oh! Where did my panties go?  So the sexualized pose is out.  Also my phone is used in public – a lot – so I don’t want to be THAT GUY.  You know the one.  The guy who has hentai on his phone, watches porn on the bus, or shows those super sexy pic to EVERYONE!!!  The because I have internet on the bus means I have do on the bus what I would do at home guy.

Home + Internet = Pron

Internet + Phone = mobile home

Mobile home = smartphone

Smartphone + bus DOES NOT = Pron!! Seriously


Choice # 2

So I came across Choice #1 (see above) and I loved it.  Nice sky background, Not a sexualized pose and I even think it’s Michael Turner to boot.  So I load it on my iphone.  Wow – got it in one try and —- and —- DAMN!!  Her head’s to close to the top.  Her face is cut off by the time.  It’s a wasted picture.  So I go hunting again. I found this one, perfect alignment, perfect background but Superman in the background.  I don’t care who you are….you show up in a panel with Supes and you fall into the background.  It’s like gravity or the comedy rule of three – it’s a law!!


Choice # 3

I kept looking.  Eventually I found one that fit, Choice # 3, met all my crazy criteria, but I dunno – I just didn’t — feel it.  What?  My crazy has emotions too.  I’m not a freaking Vulcan.

Then I found it.

My new photo.

It had sky, It had strong Lady Supes, and it even had the moon.  It was perfect.  So here I am with my new lock-screen photo and all I can think is — GOD HELP ME WHEN  I HAVE TO PICK OUT DRAPES!!

New Lock Screen

New Lock Screen

So how does a geek chose a new photo? A new profile pic? A new wallpaper for their PC?  They do it with care, and precision, they think about everything and every aspect, and they do it knowing that in most cases – nobody but them will every see it.

Because to a Geek a photo is more then just a photo.  It is a symbol of our individuality, even if 90 other people at the con have the same Deadpool symbol, it shows us what we are, what we strive to be and deep down what we wish we were.

A picture is a thousand words, and I had to go through 3 thousand of those words till I found the right one!

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