Geekitorial: Screw You Stephen King – I prefer Richard Bachman

I am an avid reader.  I love reading.  I have shelves upon shelves of books.  That brings up an interesting question.  Why is it when you’re apartment is about to be overrun by useless junk and papers you’re called a HORDER but when its about to be overrun by books you’re called CULTURED?

Never mind.

Anywho today I wrote an article that examines why books make us crazy?  Why we become so fanatical over them?

What is it about a good book that makes people crazy?

During the part of my life I like to call Growing up Redneck I did a lot of an activity that was very unpopular in my area called READING! I’m a big fan of reading, always have been, but it never fails to impress me how passionate people can get over a book.

I’ve seen people go nuts over a movie, I’ve done it myself, but even that level of nuts seems to be miniscule compared to the insanity that is a book fan. The Sparkle War between Team Jacob and Team Edward, which took the lives of a massive amount of pre-teen girls (and a few awkward grown men), started long before the likes of Patterson and Lautner took form. That battle started back in the books.

Read the full article here

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