Geekdown: Top New-To-Me Authors of 2012

Welcome to the latest instalment of ‘Stolen from Matt.’  Today’s geekdown topic – The top new-to-me authors of 2012!

2012 was a weird year for reading.  I didn’t get my hands on a lot of book but I still managed to tear through a fair number.  Most of the reading I did was through favourite authors or continued series.  That being said I did manage to check out some new stuff.  So in no specific order – AUTHORS!!!

C.S. MacCath

I met this author at Hal-Con 2012.  Better yet I was her PA.  For those of you not in the know – PA means personal assistant.  Whenever she needed something she sent me and rewarded me with lemon treats.  Did you know authors are proficient with whips?  J But seriously I read MacCath’s story Akhila, Divided.  It’s a brilliantly written story.  Also MacCath was a pleasure to work for!

Erin M. Evans

I bought Brimstone Angels as part of Faerûn’s Neverwinter series.  I was blown away.  It has the best prologue I have ever read in books.  It was chilling, scary and best of all…tempting!!  Is it wrong that I wanted to accept the devil’s pact before the main character did?  It is isn’t it.  Yeah…..I should probably talk to someone about that!

Matthew Hughes

Reading the To Hell and Back series is like walking down the street and suddenly your BFF jumps out from behinds you and smashes the back of your head in with a brick.  We’ve all been there.  You wake up hours, or days, later and sudden the world seems different.  You’re looking at things in a new light.  Maybe it’s a new perspective or maybe its brain damage.  Either way you’re happier now.

Jeffery Deaver

I’ve had a weird relationship with Bond books.  I didn’t like them when I was younger, they were too different from the movies, but now I adore Ian Fleming.  SO when I try to read other Bond books I find myself lost in a sea of uncertainty.  Do the authors shoot for the likes of Fleming and go for the literary Bond or be like the movies and be the very different Film Bond?  Deaver found a perfect blend in my mind.  James feels like the books, but with the BOOM BANG EXPLODE of the films.  It’s nice and relaxing!

Chuck Wendig

This dude is crazy!  That’s the only explanation for how twisted the bad that Ms. Black has to suffer through.  Luckily I like crazy so it all works.  I got his book as an ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) and squealed with glee the further I got in.  His book was awesome!  Then I jumped at the sequel!

Lee Collins

How are westerns treated in your house?  In mine they are religion.  All Hail THE CLINT!!  So to be able to see a Western books about monster hunters.  Booyeahkasha!  This book was brilliant.  I loved the monsters, I loved the horrific ending and I love the main character.  Nothing says awesome more than a bad ass western chick.

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