Geekdown: Top Ten Bookish People I Want to Meet

In a new segment called STEALING FROM MATT LEDREW I have decided to list my Top Ten Bookish people that I want to meet.

In all serious when I read this article on my friend Matt’s blog I it sparked my interested.  Who would I want to meet?  What would I say to them?   Luckily this article is only about the first question.


10.       Geoff Johns: This man is what I want to be in the comic world; the guy who knows everything about comics and who can take a comic and make it amazing.

09.       Shuichi Shigeno: He is the creator of my favorite anime Initial D.  There’d be a language barrier but I still think it would be amazing.

08.       Ian Flemming: I’ll need a Tardis for this one but to sit down with the creator of the world’s greatest spy….Wow.

07.       John Grisham: His books were such a major part of my childhood.  His books were the bridge I used to from YA books to adult reading.

06.       Jim Butcher: Hell’s Bells Harry.  Nuff said.

05.       Jeff Somers: I have the joy of talking to this man a couple times online but something tells me chatting with him face to face, with only a battle of whiskey between us, sounds like an adventure.

04.       Elaine Cunning: This is the woman who started me on the path of Faerûn.  I need to talk to her about that. J

03.       Douglas Adams: I can never meet this one.  He is my favorite author and literally changed my life after I read his book.

02.       Ed Greenwood: The creator of Faerûn.  I need to find out from him where immigration is.

01.       Piers Anthony: It highly unlikely that I will ever meet this man.  I love his books but as his health dwindles so do my chances.  I would love to speak to this man about the vast worlds he created in science fiction, fantasy and amalgamations between the two.

Brandon Sanderson and R.A. Salvatore were both left off the list for the exciting reason that I get to meet them at Hal-Con 2012

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  1. At least you’re honest in your thievery. 😉

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