Geekdown: Best of Show on Summer TV

Summer is great; camping, swimming, BBQs and summer movies.  The season does lack that punch in the video game and TV category.

However summer does have some strong shows.  SO here are the top 7 summer shows.

7) Breaking Bad

Everybody knows what Breaking Bad is, its the decent of a High School teacher into the criminal underworld.  This AMC masterpiece stars Bryan Cranston in a role unlike any other.  To be honest this show should be higher on the list but I’m behind.   Blame me.

6) White Collar

Ever wondered what happened after the credits in Catch Me if You Can?  Read a book.  Ever wonder how Hollywood would do it?  Watch this show.  Neil Caffrey is our shows Frank Abagnale Jr.  After being caught he works with the FBI to stop the exact crimes and scams he committed himself all while trying to solve the mystery of his missing girlfriend.

5) Falling Skies

I had been waiting all summer eagerly for this show.  Aliens invaded earth and humans are just trying to survive.  Seen that.  But what makes this show different is we follow a group of 300 humans, with no tech and little to no resources, called the 2nd Massachusetts Militia Regiment just trying to survive as they escape a destroyed Boston.  If that does win you over try these four words.  Produced by Steven Spielberg.

4) The Newsroom

Aaron Sorkins and Jeff Daniels, two people I adore, work together to bring the newest show on my list.  The Newsroom is an amazing show that talks about the difficulties of telling good news when you have to fight against ratings and cooperate interest.  This is a brilliantly written show with an amazing cast.

3) Leverage

Sometimes bad guys makes the best good guys.  So we have a show that follows a team of specialized thieves (The hacker, the cat burglar, a grafter, and a hitter) led by the good guy mastermind.  Together they help they provide leverage against the rich and powerful who just take what they want.  It’s like watching a different heist movie every week.

2) Warehouse 13

Magical items exist in this world.  Items like Lewis Carroll’s looking glass, Lizzie Borden’s compact, and Marilyn Munroe’s hairbrush.  Some of them are harmless, most of them are dangerous and group of people are tasked with collecting them.  These aretifacts are stored in the Warehouse 13.

 and NUMBER ONE IS………………….

1) Burn Notice

If anybody didn’t see this coming then they have not been paying attention to my blog.  I love Burn Notice.  I wait all year, eagerly, for more burn notice.  It is a great show that has been running for six years.  It’s part A-Team, part MacGuiver, and all good television.

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1 Response to Geekdown: Best of Show on Summer TV

  1. Loooove Breaking Bad! Can’t take the mid-season cliffhanger they pulled!

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