Completely Overrated

Disney and Pixar have done it again.  I don’t know what those people put in their coffee every morning, but I would wager it is derived from magic, and not the kind promoted by haggard, clever old women who spend their days carving wooden figurines. It is always a joy to be surprised by the introduction of a new Pixar masterpiece. Pixar’s latest film, Brave, introduces another lovable princess into the hearts and minds of Disney and Pixar fans across the world along with a brand new story of adversity between mother and daughter and how the strongest bonds can be broken by pride and arrogance.  It is a film born from the spirit of adventure and the desire to rise up against archaic tradition, to become the master of our own destiny and make life-changing decisions for ourselves. A cast of adorable characters, spectacular music, a witty screenplay and…

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