H.N. Sieverding

Get in touch with your muse.  He’s super hot and is a good happy thought. Also he’s sexy enough to get people excited to read all the dirty little parts in that book you’re writing. 🙂

> Except that the chances of becoming a successful author are very slim.

> Always remember who I write for-me, myself and sometimes maybe you.

> Accept I will never get rich and famous from my writing-I am no J.K., I’m H.N.  Close but not the same.

> No matter how much someone bashes my writing, I will never give up.

> Don’t take bad criticism to heart.  Try and learn from it.

> It’s okay to cry if I get a bad review or a rejection letter, we all do even though we don’t admit it.  (so if you’re a publisher stalking my sight, people have probably called you every swear word in the…

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