H.N. Sieverding

While working on my current WIP, I have noticed something about my writing process and was wondering if I am alone on this.

Characters.  Do they push you around?  Do they assume complete control of your story?

To me, the answer is yes.  I admit it.  As a writer I sometimes find myself with my hands tied and at the mercy of my characters.  Screw killing that bad guy, that little dude will never win no matter how much I think he should.

Sometimes my characters are like bratty little kids that scream and yell until they get their way.  It’ll get to a point that no matter how much I try I can’t make them do anything they don’t ‘want’ to do.

Now before you start thinking I’m nuts, let me explain myself little.  I am the ‘no outline’ type of writer, the one that starts with an initial idea and the rest of the…

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