42 Screens: Fully Funded Leisure Suit Larry Remake

One of my favorite characters of all time is set to return.  He is lecherous, he wears a leisure suit and he loves alliterations.  The man known as Larry Laffer, better known as Leisure Suit Larry, is getting a remake funded completely by Kickstarter.

Replay Games and Al Lowe’s Kickstarter reached its $500 000 goal (with six days to spare) to fund a remake of the original Leisure Suit Larry for PC, Mac, iPad, and Android tablets.

Replay Games announced that the extra money will go to ports on Xbox Live, the PlayStation Network, and Linux as well as  plans to translate the Leisure Suit Larry remake into additional languages, create an orchestral soundtrack, and add on to the game itself.

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1 Response to 42 Screens: Fully Funded Leisure Suit Larry Remake

  1. Rincewind says:

    ohh definitive buy when it’s released… get goosebumps, loved the 1st LSL games…

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