This weekend (April 20th-22nd) sees the sixth annual Sci-Fi on the Rock at the Holiday Inn at 180 Portugal Cove Road, St. Johns Newfoundland!


In addition to an all-star group of guests including Jeffery Coombs (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine), Lolita Fatjo (Star Trek: The Next Generation), Richard Hatch (Battlestar Galactica), and Peter Roy (Dr. Who), Engen Books’s Matthew LeDrew, Ellen Curtis and Jay Paulin will be joining the fray as well!

Also joining are model / old friend Drakaina Muse, as well as future collaborator Kevin Woolridge!

If that’s not enough, other Engen authors will be in attendance for those with eager eyes: Sarah Thompson, Steve Lake, Justin Foley and Melanie Collins!

Both light|dark and Gang War will be on sale Saturday for the first time anywhere, introducing four new authors to the Engen team.


Panels by Engen authors include:


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