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A gamer’s advice to his children

You will find the need to jump frequently. Inevitably, when you do, you will make a noise. It will be entertaining for a while before becoming annoying. When you are older, it will be entertaining again.

Every single item that you stumble upon is important, and will be used later in life to find out information. Carry a large knapsack at all times to store your trinkets.

Check dumpsters and hedges for money and quest items. They like to hide inside enemies too. Like the copy machine…Mad gold inside copy machines.

Every time you practice a skill, like crocheting or wasting time on the internet, or when you defeat an enemy, you will gain experience.

You can spend a week in a dungeon without eating or drinking and still defeat the boss at the end.

Strangers will already have heard of you; not only…

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  1. Thanks for the reboot! It’s an honor to be featured in the lair of geekdom.

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