Geek This: Leverage

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You should be geeking Leverage.

Everybody love a Heist Film; the twist, the turns, the memorable characters and of course, the plans.  We’ve loved The Sting, Ocean’s Eleven (new and old), Reservoir Dogs, Entrapment just to name a few.

So imagine having that heist film in your home ever week.  This is Leverage.

The rich and power take what they want; they steal it back for you.  Sometimes bad guys make the best good guys.  They provide…Leverage.

Meet Nate Ford, a one-time insurance fraud investigator.  When things got stolen he got them back.  He was fired after the insurance company refuse to pay for his son’s treatment and he caused a stink over it.  When fate throws him into a mission with four cons, Alec Hardison – the hacker, Sophie Devereaux – The Grifter, Elliot Spencer – The Hitter, and Parker – The Thief, his life turns away from alcoholism into something far nobler.

Now these five help the helpless and fight for those who cannot fight for themselves.  So if you can find them, maybe you can hire….Leverage?

Ok so the line doesn’t work there but it is a nice jump into the obvious comparison: The A-Team.

There are a lot of comparisons to the A-Team, from the team build, a mastermind, a hitter, a talky-talker and a crazy member, to the ‘find us and we’ll help you’ motive.  Even as the episode unfolds you half-expect Nate to light a cigar and smile as he talks about his romantic affection for when a strategy succeeds.

Where the A-Team used guns, Mohawks, and action to solve crimes and save people, the Leverage crew uses – conning.  They hack, they talk, and they steal all to help people.  A better example would be to picture Danny Ocean and his crew of ten others targeting the big obvious bad rich guy and bring him down.

Why Care?

The show is fun.  While many of the cons or scenarios are part of the ‘classics’ and therefore been seen numerous times, this show knows that what really holds any heist movie together are the cons.  The con have to be likeable, they have to have personality beyond greedy thief and while they are the ‘bag guys’ they have to be likeable and honourable enough to make you want to root for them.  Creator Dean Devlin knows that this ingredient is crucial and he doesn’t shy away from it.

These characters are deep and intricate, while playing upon their individual tropes, but some of the true strength in the show is the relationships they have with each other.  Unlike some shows, the same two characters don’t always pair-off.  They form a star with the way everybody interacts with each other.

Elliot and Hardison are the best-friend bros.

Elliot and Nate give each other advice and wisdom.

Parker and Sophie are the BFF girls with Sophie being the person Parker looks up to.

Hardison and Parker are trying to have a relationship

Sophie and Nate are the romantic couple that had feelings for each other but were always on the opposite sides of the law.

The highly successful show just ended its fourth season and is already renewed for a fifth to start this summer.  Leverage is an excellent addition to any DVD collection, TIVO download schedule and if nothing more, a great way to spend an hour each week.  Now Geek This!!

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