How to be a Geek: The Begining

So I went to this magic show and watched eagerly as he performed a magic trick called the Vanishing Writer.  He took an everyday blog writer and made him disappear only to bring him back in a dramatic flash.  It was then I said those four most dangerous words  for a guy.

I could do that.

Warning: When attempting to replicate a magic trick make sure you weren’t at the bar getting a drink when he makes the writer re-appear or he vanishes for a while.

In short I’m back baby.

So without further ado I welcome you to 42 Webs newest column: How to be a Geek!

Pause for Applauds.

I am not saying I am the foremost authority on geekdom (that’s for the historians to decide), nor do I declare myself a geek guru and demand that my word be followed (I pay other people to declare that) what I am writing here is an observation on how a regular geek views and acts in this word that many claim we rule.  Of course with me as always, living in his brackets, is Evil Larry (Sup….I now do children’s parties).

This article will not be an editorial or a review.  It won’t be an essay or a rant or anything like that (This column may turn into a crossword though).  This column will be more like a traditional blog, one man simply talking about geekdom and its effects on him.

It will have some snazzy pics though.

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