Geekdown: Ten Games I missed in 2011

Every year there are numerous games that I do not get to play.  They fall under the radar, they succumb to the financial difficulties, or they just get forgotten due to other games.  Others have published similar blogs so I will add my own – just like last year.

Honourable Mentions: Mario Kart 7

Mario games are always good, give that plumber a vehicle, a series of insane weapons, and a glider and then top it all off with online multiplayer and 3D racing and you get a game that everybody was talking about.

10 – Gears of Wars 3

The third instalment in this Epic series created by…well Epic Games.  Once again we get to play with Marcus and the rest of the Gears as they battle the Locust Horde.  This game was one of the most highly anticipated sequels for the years.

09 – Uncharted 3: Drake Deception

Nathan Drake is back with his shirt, and gun, and abs….ok I might be distracted.  This game, the follow up the insanely successful Uncharted 2, was guaranteed to be a hit.  You shot stuff, you climb stuff, and you listen to Nolan North be well….Drake.  You cannot miss – but I did lol.

08 – Star Fox 64 3D

The Second of three 3DS games on this list.  Now while this was just a 64 remake, it was the remake of not only the best game in the Star Fox series but one of the best for the 64 system.  You add in a 3D element to dog-fighting, online multiplayer and on screen insults and it just get better.

07 – Bastion

This was the Braid for 2011.  You fought monsters, gained new weapons and experiences.  So what’s so special about it?  This small game made an impact for its every changing and describing narrator.  This game was more than original, it was a massive hit and an example of what originality can exist in a XBLA game.

06 – Mortal Kombat

I am a massive MK fan; I have been since the beginning.  I stayed with it the series during the unpopular 3D (but I still loved it) era up until the Armageddon finale.  I even loved throwing Scorpion up against Batman in Mortal Kombat Vrs. DC Universe.  So when the series took the Street Fighter 4 approach, the 3D – 2D fighters, I was excited to grab that joystick and wiggle it around. That might sound weird.

05 – Assassin’s Creed: Revelations

As the story of Desmond continued and the epic story of Ezio comes to an end.  The adventure comes to an end in the New York –esq of old – Constantinople.

04 – Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

It’s been a while since the last non-remake Zelda game that came out.  Normally everybody would rush for a Zelda game and they did, but Skyward sword and Assassin’s Creed both didn’t get the sales they deserve because of two reasons.  One is Modern Warfare 3 and the other is Skyrim.

03 – Super Mario Land 3D

This is the third 3DS game on my list.  I was super excited for this, not only was it a new Mario Land, which we haven’t had since the GB era but it marked the return of the racoon tail suit for Mario.  A most not miss that I went and missed.

02 – Star Wars: The Old Republic

This is the MMO that is lining up to take down WOW.  Many have tried but many have failed.  Will Star Wars TOR be the true WOW killer?  Will a lightsaber be enough to stop Deathwing or Arthus?  Who knows? But as a massive SW fan I have hope for anything better then SW Galaxies.  This game I intentionally missed due to a wait and see attitude.

01 – Duke Nukem Forever

This game was not well received, many hated it and many thought that considering the wait we had to go through for this game that it was a complete disappointment but as a game who played DN through the beginning of its series and up until 3D, and even the consol spin offs, I was excited to play this game.  I know it was crap, or so everybody keeps telling me, but I’ve been there since the beginning and I needed to see this game through lol.

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