Spilled Ink: Goblins

Welcome Back to WebComic Week.

So what happens if you take the humour of Order of the Stick and add insane violence and a third dimension to the art? You get Goblin Comics.

Goblin is about a group of 3.5 DND edition goblin monsters, who are destined for no more than cannon fodder for a low level party, who decide to break from fate in a desperate attempt to save their lives when said adventuring party attacks.  They take up the magic weapons they were suppose to defend and declare themselves Player Characters and each take up a DND class.

This begins the hilarious and uber violent comic that pits the characters against everything good and sane, at least in our eyes.  The comic, which started out as a gag comic, has developed into more of an action based comic but without the loss of its core value.

The comic, written and drawn by Tarol ‘Thunt’ Hunt and hosted by Blind Ferret Entertainment (thing seem to be connected), launched on June 26, 2005 and since tackled serious issues such as fate vs. Free Will, racism, and the nature of good and evil and those who fight the endless war between it.

The art, as it has evolved, is amazing with some of the most detailed battle scenes on the net.  Fair warning these battles are not for the fair of heart.  When the warning says strong violence they mean just that.  There is Violence and it has been working out the gym while taking performance enhancing substances.  The art and violence is where it truly gains its notice.  Goblin reminds me a lot of Kill Bill.  It has the violence and gore but not at the cost of character, story or heart (unless it was ripped out).

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