Spilled Ink: Real Life Comics

Welcome back to WebComic Week.

In the world of webcomics a man who travels through space, parallel dimensions and time itself is nothing rare, one that’s call Real Life is.

Real Life Comics, a founding member of Blank Label Comics, is the ongoing strip based around the real life of author Greg Dean and his friends.  The comic’s material ranges from verbatim quotes and conversations between the group to completely ludicrous events including time travel and mecha combat.  In the beginning RL was focuses on humour and discussions based on video games but has since moved away from that into the topics of science fiction, TV, films and other humour in geek culture.  This comic and its fourth wall breaking cast have been active for twelve years since their black and white launch on November 15, 1999.

The comic is a wonderfully written and drawn Monday to Friday (or best attempt at) comic that has been a major influence in geek and internet culture.  They are a major spreader of the memes such as Fuego”, “ShirtNinja” and “The Game“.


  • Web Cartoonist’s Choice Awards:
    • 2001: Won for Best Reality Comic.
    • 2003: Tied for Best Reality Comic with Nowhere Girl.
      Nominated for Best Technical Achievement, Best Original Digital Art, Best Gaming Comic and Best Gag Comic.
    • 2004: Won for Best Reality Comic.
    • 2005: Tied for Best Reality Comic with The Devil’s Panties.
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