Spilled Ink: New 52 Week 2 – The Good, Bad and Suprising

The second week has come and gone and it’s time for a recap.

I will split the recap into three categories.  The Good (obvious what this is), the Bad (again obvious) and the Surprising. (Comics I was surprised about.)

Here we go.

The Good:

Resurrection Man – Mitch Shelly is a character with a long running history.  He has a very dedicated and loyal fan base.  He has been in Forgotten Heroes and Justice Legion Alphas.  Mitch has a weird character concept.  He is immortal.  Every time he dies he comes back with a new power and a new mission in life.  The new issue does well to introduce this to new readers like myself and keep us interested.

Deathstroke – He is young(er) strong and a badass.  In one of the few villain books we get re-introduced to Deathstroke and they want to remind us that he is a badass.  Deathstroke is teamed up with three young assassins, an over done concept with a surprising twist.  This book combines the mysterious case of Pulp Fiction or Ronin.  This has a nice concise start and could easily turn either way but I have good feelings about this book.

The Bad:

Legion Lost – Ok this is an iffy one.  This is not a bad book but then it is.  So let me explain.  Legions Lost is not bad if this were not the New 52.  The New 52 is all about making the book easier for new readers.  Legions Lost is not an easy book to get into.  It takes all of the info of past Legion books, and even kills off formerly important characters.  As someone who has never read a Legion book before I found it difficult to get into.

The Surprising:

Mister Terrific – The surprising in this book is coming from two things.  The first is the ending/mystery that Michael Holt has to investigate.  This is a good book and it is about time this version of Mr. Terrific got his own series.  This is a must not miss.

Oh yeah that second surprise: the character known as Karen Star makes an appearance.

Red Lanterns – This book is the third GL-esq book in the New 52.  This one obviously focuses on the Red Lantern Corps.  We follow the awesome killing spree of Dex-Starr but we see a more inner working of Atrocitus and his corps.  We feel his thoughts, he emotions as well as seeing the groundwork for the birth of the first Human Red Lantern.  These fan favourites are not just beast of rage and killing, they have a very complex history, more so then almost the original corps itself.  We are beginning to see this in the RL.

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  1. Nice article, wish I could come up with stuff like that for my page, lmfao.

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