42 Screen: Doctor Who on Futurama

Isn’t it always the way?  You have a booming party with the disembodied head of former presidents, go back in time by licking their skulls and end up changing all of American history.  It happens to me EVERY SINGLE TIME!!

In the 20th episode of Futurama’s 6th season, the team accidently puts a tear into the timeline which results in an USA that never signed the declaration of independence.  This results in an 3011 America still under British rule.  The best part of the episode is when a certain blue box is seen nearby.

If that wasn’t enough a certain Time Lord in his 4th Incarnation makes a brief appearance, and we mean brief.  Whatever you do, Don’t Blink!

Hey That’s just like the Weeping Angels!

Futurama and Simpsons creator Matt Groening is a self claimed fan of Doctor Who.  He has drawn the 4th Doctor into his flagship show The Simpsons numerous times.  How ever he went even further with his fandom in Futurama by naming his lead female Leela after the companion.

This may not be the heavily rumoured, but probably false, The Simpons – Doctor Who Crossover but it’s a nice step in the geekiest direction.

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