42 Screens: True Blood Season 4

First they glammered you into loving the show, and then they made you howl with excitement as what happened next.  Now they plan to cast a spell over us.

This is True Blood.

Season 4 of True Blood began this week and we were all excited for its return.  They above quote are a hint of what’s new for this season of True Blood.  As fans know, season one and two dealt only with Vampires (more or less), Season three introduced the Weres (wolf and Panther).  You should be able to guess what season Four will introduce.

The fourth season is loosely based off of Charlaine Harris’ fourth book in the Southern Vampire Mysteries Dead to the World.  Loosely is the key word here.

The Series opens up almost instantly where the last one ended with Sookie entering the world of the Fae.  Thing are not all pretty and happy there.  Sookie meets her grandfather, trapped in the Fae for what he believes is only a couple hours but what has really been almost twenty years.  Things get worse when she realises that the Fae are collecting the ‘half-breed’ and about o begin their second part of their plan.

They want to harvest Humans.

We don’t learn much as Sookie tries to make a daring escape but we do learn an important detail, there is a war of the Fae and more importantly Mab is a bitch.

Sookie escapes, returning to Bon Temps, only to find that it has been 18 months since she had been missing and the world has changed.  This leads into the theme of this episode.  Things have changed and we spend the entire episode learn how exactly.

Jason is a full fledge cop who is spending most of his time acting like the law and covering for Sheriff Andy, a newly addicted V-user.  He is also looking out for Crystal’s pack – giving them food and resources.

Sam is in anger management, after shooting his brother in the leg, but in reality he is in a support group, of sorts, which consists of three other shifters.

Arlene and Terry are still raising the baby but Arlene is still scared of what her child will become especially after coming home and seeing all of the Barbies’ head’s being pulled off.  She still fears what Rene’s offspring will be.

The Vampire world is living in what they call a Post—Russell world.  They are trying to reach out to the humans and show them that they are not a threat; they are not all like Russell.  They do this by using charismatic and high profile vampires like Eric and the new King of Louisiana – Bill Compton.

So that’s the theme of the episode.  The world has changed.  We spent the entire episode learning this fact, having it drilled into our head over and over.  This season premier does little else but they do begin to hint on the major issues for the season.  Lafayette, with his new Mr. T haircut, has magic – real magic and its going to be big.  The Fae are planning a war, the were-panthers are turning on Jason, and vampire-human tensions are at an all time high.  Things are about to explode n Bon Temps.

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