Tuesday Test: Time Traveller Lexicon

Welcome Back to Tuesday Test.  This week’s topic has already happened, or will happen, or has yet to happen to some but has already happen to others….unless of course you kill your father before you are born.  Damn Time Travelling is confusing!

The topic has been around forever, longer if you count how far bad we go.  Everybody from The Doctor, to Emmett Brown, and even Patrick Stewart has leap through time for a brief pop back to the good ol’ Days.  So I made a Time Travelling Lexicon.  Welcome Back to Tuesday Test.  This week’s topic Anime and Manga!  I have decided to try something new today so I made a Lexicon for everybody today.  The Lexicon is a hybrid between a crossword and a word search.

How it Works:

You answer the clues like you would a crosswords, using the number at the as the number of letters in the words, then you search the grid for your answer like you would a word search.

This one may be difficult but I wouldn’t leave you lost in the time stream.  You’d be lost forever.  So I used my super powers and contacted a helpful source via his psychic paper.  Hope he helps.

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