42 Screens: Arnold Schwarzenegger to Star in Terminator 5

He said he’ll be back, and he didn’t lie.  Deadline reports that Arnold Schwarzenegger is returning to the big screen as THE Terminator in a new movie to be directed by Justin Lin (Fast Five).

The project is a package deal from Hollywood talent agency CAA, with the lead actor and director attached to make the film for whatever studio picks up the deal.

As of now no writer has been attached to the project and there has been no release date.  Deadline claims that Universal, Sony and Lionsgate are battling for the film but chances are that Universal, the studio that has a solid relationship with Lin and distributing Fast Five, are the most likely candidate especially after the success of Lin’s Fast and Furious films.

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2 Responses to 42 Screens: Arnold Schwarzenegger to Star in Terminator 5

  1. asdsad says:

    It’s also time to introduce a younger, awesome Terminator that you can start using Terminator 6 onward.

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