Web Poll: 2011 Comic Book Movies

2011 is going to be a big year for movies.  This year alone could make or break the comic-book-movie genera as we know it.  If the four major films fail we could see the comic book movie trend vanish.  If they succeed then we could see more.  MUCH MUCH MORE.

We have Captain America, Thor and X-Men: First Class from Marvel and Green Lantern from DC.  Which are you Most Interested

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2 Responses to Web Poll: 2011 Comic Book Movies

  1. ಠ_ಠ says:

    Does anyone (have a good reason to) really have any faith in the X-Men franchise anymore? The last few movies have really been… well, not good. Let’s get that Deadpool movie on the go & maybe I won’t roll my eyes at the franchise anymore.

    • Xanthor says:

      You sound like Batman fans before Christopher Nolan. If the Batman movies have taught us anything a single good movie can make us forgive a horrible one.

      This could be the X-Men movie that launches the new path for the series, the reboot (of sorts) that opens up into the X-Men Dark Knight…or as I like to call it…. The X-Might 😛

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