Tuesday Test: Ocarina of Time Crossword

Welcome Back to Tuesday Test.  This week it’s back to the guy in the green tunic with the pointy hat and the dangerous sword.  It’s another Legend of Zelda Crossword.

I’ll admit I have been on a Nintendo kick lately.  I’ve done crosswords about Pokemon, Metal Gear, the Nintendo Family, and even a previous Zelda one, but this crossword is focusing on the game most consider to be the best in the series, the best of its decade and one of the best video games of all time.  The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

Ocarina of Time, or OOT as the kids call it these days, was released in Japan on November 21st 1998, and here in the good ol’ North America only 2 days later.  The game was hit.  It spawned a difficult remake called The Master Quest, a direct sequel about an evil moon, a Nintendo Gamecube Port, and even a 3DS remake.  That’s right Zelda: OOT in 3D (4D if you count the time travelling).

So grab you magic time travelling round ocarina, mount Epona, beat up chickens, and do endless trading quest for people who cannot seem to leave their own houses for some reason, and enjoy the OOT crossword.  If you need help try asking that damn annoying Owl.


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3 Responses to Tuesday Test: Ocarina of Time Crossword

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  2. about us says:

    japan is in a crisis right now

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