Geek-Down: Top 10 Geek Couples

Valentines’ Day.

Love in the air.  We think about happy couples, we think about eternal love, and we think about the greatest loves in the universe.

Science fiction and fantasy has always been built on epic adventures, far away pleasures, exotic locales and unimaginable events, but behind all of that, acting as the building blocks of every adventure are the romantic couples.

Love is not easy in the fictional geek world.  Some need to fight alongside each other against seemingly unbeatable odd, some need to risk it all to save the other, and even after all of that most never get to be together.

But those that do, the select few that clear the mystical and terrifying and somewhat cruel hurdles set force by their sadistic creators, their loves become the tales of legends.

These are the greatest couple in all of Geekdom.

10. Nathan Drake – Elena Fisher

This is a couple just starting out, new in their tracks, but they’ve already had their fair share of fights, bites, and wild nights, and each time they come out stronger.  He is a parkour-trained treasure hunter who has a habit of blowing crap up – a lot.  She is the reporter from the TV Company he conned out of money.  He is lippy, sarcastic and makes stuff up as he goes along; she is the only one who won’t take his crap. Match Made in Heaven

09. Fox Mulder – Dana Scully

For the longest time these were the biggest Will They – Won’t They couple.  It took seven seasons before they even kissed, and another season before they would even begin to be together and by that time both their characters had left the show.  The next time we saw them was the finale and finally the more recent movie where they are living in a one and off again relationship.  I wonder if she can get him to stop being obsessed with porn.

08. Jaina Proudmoure – Arthas Menethil

What happens when the man you love performs unforgivable actions?  Do you stick by him and try to save him or forsake him and watch him descend into darkness?  Jaina and Arthas dated for years, were engaged to married, and then they split for a while.  They got back together during the undead crisis but after he slaughtered Stratholme she couldn’t be with him and left for good.  This was one of video games more tragic relationships

07. Richard Cypher – Kahlan Amnell

He is the Seeker, a warrior of justice and wielder of the Sword of Truth.  She is the last Confessor and together they have to defeat the evil dictator Darken Rahl.  They love each other and eventually marry, but they can never be together because the moment Kahlan sleeps with a man she gains a dominate control over him, something she cannot do if the Seeker is ever to complete his mission and be the champion of Truth.

06. Buffy – Angel

This is yet another example of the tragic love that can never be, also its super creepy.  Angel is the immortal Vampire and Buffy is the Vampire Slayers.  Before Bella and Edward there was these two.  They are the geek Romeo and Juliet in an endless war between good and evil.  The kicker is if the ensouled Angel ever sleeps with Buffy he goes completely evil – but that is women for you and that doesn’t even touch on the topic of Buffy killing Angel.

05. Wall-E – EVE

He is the lone surviving Wall-E robot built to clean up the garbage wasteland known as earth.  She is the robot sent to look for any signs of life.  Together they have adventures and learn to love each other, but when she is taken away Wall-E crosses the universe to get her back.

04. Indiana Jones – Marion Ravenwood

He is the adventuring archaeologist that has women swooning at his feet and throwing themselves at him.  He blows crap up and faces off against Nazi, commies and more.  For Indy women are a dime a dozen – except one.  She is the daughter of Jones’ mentor and the one true woman for him, even if he didn’t see it right away.  Fate has throw Marion into Indy’s life at three separate times until they finally married.  She will not take crap from her man and is as strong as him.  That is just what every man needs.

03. Neo – Trinity

For every strong man there is a strong woman behind him.  For Neo there was Trinity.  Her opening scene in the Matrix set a new bar for women in film.  They had to be tough, they had to be sexy, and they had to equal their man.  Also she outranked him which is always fun.  But what really make their relationship strong and legendary are the depths each is willing to go to be with each other.  Not even death will is too far to help the other.

02. Lois – Clark

In most couples the man’s name comes first, but not for this pair.  She comes first, the plucky photographer who knows all of the DC’s secrets; he is the greatest hero of the galaxy.  This must be a difficult relationship to be in.  You man vanishes for weeks on ends, you watch him die, only to come back to life, and as one of the world’s foremost respected journalist she know the answer to the world’s most asked question: Who is Superman?  Damn how much would that answer improve her career?

01. Han Solo – Leia Organa

Pirates and Princesses.  Scoundrel and Noble.  Thief and Warrior.  All of these polar opposites explain their relationship.  He is the badass in space who wants everybody to believe he only cares about himself.  She is the Nobel princess who wants everybody to think she is prime and proper.  Neither is true.  He is a hero at heart who will risk his life for anybody.  She is a rogue and spy who is not afraid to pick up a blaster and shoot anybody in the head.  Together they have saved the galaxy, from the Emperor, the Imperial Reminent, the Yuzong Vong, their own kids and numerous other threats.  The universe with crumble, the stars will war, but when all is said and done there will still be the love of Han Solo and Leia Organa.

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