42 Screens: Captain America, Spiderman, and Iron Man 3

Images have been surfacing of numerous Marvel movies, including X-Men: First Class and Captain America, but more have surfaced.

The first official Captain America pics, not leaked by somebody who obviously doesn’t have a job any more.

But They have also released the first picture from the new Spiderman reboot.


In Iron Man 3 news two major stories have been released.  The first, and most shocking.  Jon Favreau has decided to not return for Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3 is three years away but Marvel and the Iron Man 1 and 2 director have split and Marvel has already begun to seek a replacement.

According to the article there are a pair of popular reason as to why

There are two popular reasons why Favreau left Iron Man 3: financial and creative differences– and perhaps a combination of the two. On the financial side, Favreau was set to make a lot of money on Iron Man 3. A whole lot of money. The director reportedly pulled in a cool $10 for Iron Man 2, but thanks to his increasingly hot stock in Hollywood, he was expected to receive between $12-$15 million and–more importantly—up to 15 percent of the movie’s profits. Actor Robert Downey Jr. currently has a similar deal, which means that Marvel and its parent company Disney, neither of which have ever been mistaken as being “generous”, might actually earn less money on the sequel with Favreau on board.

The second reason Favreau may have left would be due to the bewildering set of creative circumstances surrounding Iron Man 3 and all of the connected Marvel properties. But unlike the other upcoming Marvel films, Iron Man 3 is not only an established franchise, it would be the first Marvel movie to hit theaters following The Avengers. That means that the film would likely need to incorporate several of the existing characters, the plot would be designed to help continue the overall universe that is being created, and the story for the movie could not even begin to be written in earnest until after The Avengers script is completed and Marvel has a clear idea of where they want their properties to go. With The Avengers not due in theaters until May 4, 2012, and Iron Man 3 already locked for May 13, 2013, the production time would be relatively limited for a sequel of its size.

The second story is that Marvel is looking at Emily Blunt to be the third movie’s villain.  Blunt was the first choice to be the Black Widow but had to bow out due to scheduling conflicts.

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