42 Screens: David Tennant Marrying Own Daughter

In happy news, or sad for the trillions of fangirls out there, David Tennant is getting married – to his OWN DAUGHTER!!

David Tennant, who was the tenth doctor, is marrying Georgia Moffett, the actress who has appeared in two Doctor Who episodes and one as the Doctor’s Daughter Jenny in the Doctor’s Daughter.  She has been Tennant’s girlfriend for a while now and also contributed her voice to the 2009 animated serial Dreamland.

Georgia Moffett is also the daughter of of another well known name, Peter Davidson – a man we know and love as The Fifth Doctor (MY DOCTOR!!) which really makes her the Doctor’s daughter in multiple ways.

The pair is now planning to marry on New Year’s Day 2012, reports Britain’s The Sun.

“They are besotted with each other and can’t wait to tie the knot.” – Unknown Source

Best wishes to the pair.

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1 Response to 42 Screens: David Tennant Marrying Own Daughter

  1. Redhead says:

    marrying his own daughter? twisted!

    David Tennant officially off the market? now THAT is f’ed up!

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