Geekdown: Top Ten Space Ships

Science fiction is a genera filled with great heroes, monsters, strong women and epic battles, but one of the best things about science fiction are the ships.  These things are golden icons, memorable builds, and often become characters all on to themselves.

10) Serenity

Often called the Tenth character, the ship held together by duct tape and love, and luck..lots of goram luck, is a ship built to look like it’s designs namesake, the firefly.  The actual set was built with great detail and took up most of the studio used to film the short lived show.

9) The Lexx

The Lexx is a bio-engineered, Manhattan-sized, planet-destroying bioship in the shape of a giant wingless dragonfly and the most powerful weapon in 2 galaxies.  It is alive; it needs to eats, and even get lonely and moody.  It can only be piloted by the key wielder, a living soul who holds the living key.

8) Heart of Gold

S.S. Heart of Gold is the first prototype ship to successfully utilize the revolutionary Infinite Improbability Drive. It is 150 meters long and has been represented in various shapes.  From the Hitchhiker’s series, this ship is where the crew have their grand, and wacky, adventures.

7) Arwing

This is the mother of all starfighters.  It is strong enough to fly in deep space, in orbit, and even through the toughest of terrain.  It is the flagship of Fox McCloud and his Star Fox team.

6) EAS Agamemnon

This is an Omega class ship strong, and big, enough to have its own gate, powerful enough to punch a hole through anything that faced it, and the flagship for the final battle of the Earth Civil War.  When we first see this ship it is commanded by Captain John Sheridan.


5) Hyperion

The flagship of James ‘This is Jimmy’ Raynor.  From here he launches his battle against the Dominion, Arcturus Mengsk, the Protoss and his former love, and now queen of the zerg, Sarah Kerrigan.

4) The Destiny

This is a massive vessel which was part of an Ancient experiment to seed the galaxies with Stargates millions of years ago.  The ship was sent on auto-pilot, preceded by other automated ships which seeded the habitable worlds along its route with Stargates. It uses an unidentified form of superluminal propulsion, said to be faster than light but “not hyperdrive.”

3) Battlestar Galactica

One of the first twelve to be built, the Galactica, on the eve of its decommissioning, becomes the last battlestar to survive the Cylong attack and the only hope for the human fleet.

2) Enterprise

There have been way too many ships to bear this name to pick one, my personal favorites being the NX class or the sovereign class Enterprise E, but each was the flag ship for the Federation or Starfleet of its time, and each held strong captains at its command: James T. Kirk, Jean Luc Picard, Christopher Pike, and Jonathon Archer.  This ship truly has gone where no ship has gone before.

1) Millennium Falcon

She is the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy.  She has done the Kessle run in 6 parsecs, and has been so iconic that an entire novel was written about the ship alone.  This was the ship that help blow up 2 Death stars, countless tie fighters, and god only knows how many coral ships.  On the day of its birth it rocketed to life nearly destroying an entire assembly line, a ship born under fire.  This ship has the reputation of being remarkably swift and stubbornly unreliable.  She has had more names   The Falcon alone has inspired a great deal of ships on this list including the Serenity.

Honourable Mention: The TARDIS

It’s bigger on the inside.

There they are…the 10 best ships in space…now TO THE MODEL KITS!!

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