Tuesday Test: Buffyverse

Welcome Back to Tuesday Test.  Now I have done The Simpsons and Doctor Who, so this week I follow it up with the Buffy-Verse.

This show, and it’s spin-off Angel, are fan favorites all across the web.  This show created the Whedon following and has now become a license to print money!

So this is the easy version.  I have a harder one coming, but once again I will not leave you alone in the dust.  I will grant you The Powers That Be to give you guidance.

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4 Responses to Tuesday Test: Buffyverse

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  3. jp says:

    29 down is worded wrong it should say “his movie” not “this tv show” the movie and tv show have different names. other than that my gf thanks you for giving here something to do for 15min instead of work and looks forward to the harder one

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