42 Screens: Nikita

After two movies and a television series the original idea of Luc Besson is back for its fourth iteration.

In this latest version Maggie Q, from Rush Hour 2, Mission: Impossible 3 and The King of Fighters, takes on the role of the seductive, alluring, and deadly Nikita.  She takes this role up from Anne Parillaud, Bridget Fonda and Peta Wilson.

The series has the premise of the original, a government agency picks up juvenile delinquents, fakes their deaths, and trains them to be assassin and covert agents, but this time around Nikita has left that life behind.  She has escaped division and vanished, but after six years in hiding this is no longer enough.  Nikita is back and she wants to take Division down, destroy the agency, and punish all those responsible.

This is a solid change to the long running franchise, giving a fresh spin for long time fans like myself, but using the solid base to evoke the familiar emotion from those like myself.  The show is broken down into three distinct sections.

The first is Nikita and her war against division.  This has Nikita and Division head Percy in a battle of wits and resources all bundled up in witty chatter and flirting between Nikita and this new Michael.

The Second follows Alex, a young girl from the street with a mysterious past involving a murdered parents and a Russian background.  She is new to division and struggling to stay alive and succeed all with the assistance of the alluring Amanda

And The third is ongoing espionage working of Division.  The show is filled with the high paced, gadget filled covert affairs.  It’s a show of Spy versus Spy gadgets, James Bond missions, and 24 shootouts all wrapped up together.

This show had a solid action base.  Aside from Maggie Q, we have Xander Berkeley from 24, Melinda Clarke best known for being Lady Heather from CSI, Lyndsy Fonseca from Kick-Ass, Shane West from ER, Aaron Stanford from X-Men 2 (Pyro), and Ashton Holmes from The Pacific.

This is a solid show that nicely combines mystery, action and emotion but for long time Nikita fans this feels like entering an identical home but on a new street.

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