42 Screens: Chuck Season 4

Last season Chuck ended with a bang…several actually: The Guy-More exploded in flames, Chuck’s Sister learned his identity and Chuck’s father passed away, but not before revealing that he was a counter spy searching for his spy wife that vanished, Chuck’s mother.

Chuck is crossing the globe looking for his mother, lying to Sarah, and looking for a job, but with no success.  We learn that the government has rebuilt the Buymore as a full CIA/NSA front, they have rebuilt the castle and they are preventing Chuck from being hired elsewhere.  Operation: Bartowski is back in operation by the Presidents order.

Sadly this episode falls where Castle and Futurama both did. When you pull everyone apart in a season finale it is hard to bring them back together for the new season.  The show introduces the new threat, following the fall of The Ring, a covert operation that sells arms that hold Chuck’s mother captive.

The show ends with Chuck back to being a spy, back to lying to his sister, back with Sarah and back at the Buymore.  This season seems to be surrounding Chuck’s mom.  Did she leave? Was she captured? Is she good or is she evil?

The character development was strong in this episode.  Sarah and Chuck reach a new level in their relationship, Chuck is growing as a leader, man and soon to be Uncle (Ellie is pregger! lucky awesome) and Morgan once again acts as the heart of the show.  He is there for Chuck as he unsuccessfully search for his mommy.

The only downfalls of the episode, aside from the premier dilemma, are the lack of Captain Awesome and the poor action of the show.  The action can be overlooked, as can the lack of Awesome, but this needs to be fixed in upcoming episodes.

Overall this was a decent episode, not great but not bad.  The return of Chuck and its quirky humour is a blessing but Chuck has been on the ball of cancelation for the last two years.  Chuck needs to boost things if it wishes to grow.  I would suggest the elevation of seriousness in their plots.  Don’t go over board and loose the trademark humour, but less stories that ‘tie-up in a fancy bow’ would help greatly.  Also Oliva Munn was in the episode!

Welcome Back Chuck!

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