42 Screens: Warehouse 13 Season 2 Ep1

Warehouse 13 is a sci-fi series that follows United States Secret Service agents Myka Bering (Joanne Kelly – Bianca from The Dresden Files) and Peter Lattimer (Eddie McClintock) as they work with the government’s secret Warehouse 13, a storage area which houses supernatural objects (Edgar Allan Poe’s pen or Lewis Carrol’s mirror).  They are tasked to retrieve missing objects and investigate reports of new ones.

After a stunning first season finale which left the warehouse entrance buried as the aftermath of an explosion, half of the team AWOL and the murderous and villainous MacPherson on the loose, we pick up seconds after the explosion.  Claudia is on the run to Sweden after being framed, Artie is chasing after her, Mrs. Frederic is in the hospital and Pete and Myka chase the recently de-bronzed H.G. Wells to his old London home.

But as normal things take a turn for the worse before, Artie and Claudia run into MacPherson, Mrs. Frederic wakes up and attacks Leena, and the de-bronzed H.G. Wells, who turns out to be a woman, assaults the two agents pinning them to her roof.  This is all for the purpose of breaking back into the warehouse and more specifically M.C. Escher’s vault, a walk in safe formed like the Relativity painting.

This is a solid premier that removes one series villain and introduces another.  H.G. Wells, the actual brainchild of the book and sister of the author, is a former Warehouse 12 agent who had been bronzed.  Wells, played by Dexter villain Jaime Murray, is a cold and ruthless woman whose is motivated by a yet unknown plan.  Murray pulls of a nice combination of sexual attraction and deadliness to form a stunning new femme fatal making a fine addition to the show and the list of British villains.

This episode, which begins a new threat for the Warehouse team, suffers a little from trying to come back from a stunning ‘everybody is going to die’ cliff-hanger.  Those finales, while exciting, have the problem of bringing everybody back to status quo the next season.  It is normally a difficult task with some cheesy moments and normally makes for a poor episode.  While the season 2 premier there is the drastic attempt to bring everything back to status quo, it does it better than most shows have in the past, it does falter slightly in the beginning, but picks up pace as they introduce Murray.  Overall it was good episode but a better setup for an amazing season.

Myka – Maybe there is a hint in one of his book because our library is amazing!

Leena – I know.  First Editions of everything ever printed.

Pete – Does that include comic books?

Myka – Really? That’s your first thought?

Pete – No, but you defiantly wouldn’t like my first thought.

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