Spilled Ink: Torchwood Comic


In the days after the third season of Torchwood ended fans desperately prayed for more.  We wanted more Jack, we wanted more Gwen and we wanted more Ianto but none came.  We have suffered through the thought of Torchwood: USA on Fox and thanks the heavens when that fell through.  Now right of the heels of the announcement of a fourth season and the new that the show, while still being located and film in Cardif, would be moving to the paid cable network Starz here in the United States we have been blessed with news of a Torchwood comic from Titan Publishing.

He can sing, he can dance, he can act, he is one of the few ever to ‘snog’ the Doctor (Something Rose never got to do FYI) and now he can write.  The Torchwood comic is being written by Captain Jack Harkness himself, actor John Barrowman along with his sister Carole Barrowman, and artist Tommy Lee Edwards (The Question, Marvel 1985) providing the illustrations.

The story is titled “Captain Jack and the Selkie” and, if the cover is any indication, appears to take place pre-“Children of Earth. Captain Jack travels to a remote Scottish island where people have been disappearing and he’s pretty sure he knows who, or what, is responsible.

The comic hit shops on August 10th.


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