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Panic View: Carrie Vaughn

What do you get when you combine music, and werewolves?  Aside from the greatest heavy metal band in existence, you get Kitty Norville.  Carrie Vaughn is the author of the highly popular Kitty series, The Voice of Dragon novel and … Continue reading

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Panic View: Jeff Somers

A couple years ago I picked up  The Electric Church on a whim, I tore through the book in mere days.  Ever since that day I have been pushing the book like a cheerleader at a prep rally.  Warning: I … Continue reading

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Panic View: Paul S. Kemp

I’m a big fan of Forgotten Realms, it’s no secret, so when the good people at Angry Robot Books gave me the chance to not only read the latest book by Paul S. Kemp but evn get an interview with … Continue reading

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Panic View: Richard Lee Byers

On of my favorite fantasy world to visit is the land of Faerûn.  Sadly I have not found the portal to get there, not for lack of trying though, so any contact I get with the world is largely through … Continue reading

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Panic View: Matthew Hughes

I love reading; it gets me through the day and brings me to fantastical worlds that I really cannot afford to visit on a bloggers salary.  Spoiler Alert: I make nothing. Today we have an interview with author Matthew Hughes, … Continue reading

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Panic View: Rock paper cynic’s Peter Chiykowski

The internet is a world of information, news and hardship.  Luckily there is enough humour to get you through the rough stuff.  The world of web comics is an ever growing and competitive world.  Hundreds of funny and talents people … Continue reading

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