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Geekdown: Best Weird Al CDS

Weird Al Yankovic. You would think after four articles – four BACK TO BACK – articles about the man I’d be running out of things to say about him. Well you’re wrong. The only things I have left to say … Continue reading

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Geekdown: Best Weird Al Originals

I have been a big Weird Al fan for years, like years and years. There may have even been a couple years before that – but that’s it. Amongst Weird Al fans you find the discussion of what is better, … Continue reading

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Spider Notes: The Benedict Playlist

Music has always been a big part of my life. I use it for everything. I use music to sleep, I use music to play video games, I use it to read, to exercise (as if), play Magic and above … Continue reading

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42 Screens: Weird Al Music Videos

I posted the review earlier of Weird Al‘s new CD – now here are the Videos for Perform this Way, Craigslist, CNR, Ringtone and Skipper Dan

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42 Screens: Alpocalypse

You all know him, you’ve all heard his songs and can even sing along with his bog ones.  So there is no sense in denying it but you all Love Weird Al! Alpocalypse, his thirteenth album, launched on Monday and … Continue reading

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Geekitorial: Are Geeks an Victory for Individuality or a Victim of Conformity?

Why does Geekdom, a group that prides itself on originality and being who you are, demand such strict levels of conformity? For myself, and several others I know, being a geek came with consequences.  I did not fit into the … Continue reading

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