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Tome of Geek: Godborn by Paul S. Kemp

I love the writings of Paul S. Kemp.  It started with Erevis Cale, it was renewed with Jaden Korr, reinvigorated with Egil and Nix and but most recently it’s been the tales of Vasen and Orsin in Kemp latest book, … Continue reading

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Panic View: Erin M. Evans

After reviewing Brimstone Angel I began an epic quest, one that took me to far away lands, made me fight great creatures, and face the gods themselves, all for an interview with author Erin M. Evans. Turns out it’s a … Continue reading

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Tome of Geek: Brimstone Angels by Erin M. Evans

In May of 1987, with the release of Darkwalker on Moonshae, TSR launched the beginning of Ed Greenwoods mystical world.  This realm, a forgotten one, was our introduction to Faerûn.  The Forgotten Realms line, the flagship product for the Dungeons … Continue reading

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Panic View: Paul S. Kemp

I’m a big fan of Forgotten Realms, it’s no secret, so when the good people at Angry Robot Books gave me the chance to not only read the latest book by Paul S. Kemp but evn get an interview with … Continue reading

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Panic View: Richard Lee Byers

On of my favorite fantasy world to visit is the land of Faerûn.  Sadly I have not found the portal to get there, not for lack of trying though, so any contact I get with the world is largely through … Continue reading

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Geek This: The Year of the Rogue Dragon by Richard Lee Byers

You Should Be Geeking Dorn Graybrook. What would Dungeon and Dragon be without dragons?  I’m guessing just Dungeons.  Dragons have always been a big part of DND, and especially in the world of Faerûn, so what do you do when … Continue reading

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Geek This: Chosen of Nendawen

You should be Geeking Hweilan Highwatch has never been taken. The fortress has sat, undisturbed for over a century, high above Narfell’s frozen plains. The line of the High Warden runs unbroken down to his seventeen-year-old granddaughter, Hweilan. It is … Continue reading

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