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Panic View: Erin M. Evans

After reviewing Brimstone Angel I began an epic quest, one that took me to far away lands, made me fight great creatures, and face the gods themselves, all for an interview with author Erin M. Evans. Turns out it’s a … Continue reading

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Panic View: Richard Lee Byers

On of my favorite fantasy world to visit is the land of Faerûn.  Sadly I have not found the portal to get there, not for lack of trying though, so any contact I get with the world is largely through … Continue reading

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Tuesday Test: Dungeons and Dragons

Welcome back to Tuesday Test.  Today we’re going to roll some dice, slay some orcs and level up.  I know you’re thinking that this seems a lot like my family reunion but in truth we’re talking about Dungeons and Dragons. … Continue reading

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