Preview E3 2010 – Goldeneye 007

It is often called on of the best FPS of all time; it introduced the world to what is now modern multiplayer and raised the bar for all shooter from then onwards.  For the last thirteen years a true sequel has been asked for but with no avail.  Nintendo announced as part of its E3 2010 press conference that in partnership with Activision and Eurocom it would bring back the classic first-person shooter based on the Bond license.  Goldeneye 007 is a re-imagining of the original Nintendo 64 game resulting in the voice and appearance of Daniel Craig replacing the then Pierce Brosnan James Bond.

Dame Judi Dench, reprising her role as M, opens the game with a video briefing from MI6 give us the mission at hand: the destruction of a weapons cache being held at a Russian Federation stronghold.  The action begins, complete with classic camera pans, with Bond and Agent 006 descending the hillside slopes of the grey and uninviting weather of Russia.  This GoldenEye game will cater to both shooter and stealth fans by offering branching paths and sections that can be handled as per the player’s play preference.

Nearby soldiers force us to split from out teammate to secure a lookout post for the strategic advantage.  A single silenced shot makes short work of the first target, and we slither silently into the building to strangle the dead soldier’s buddy as he stands alone and unawares.  An oblivious patrol descends on our position, the first shot killing one and alerting them to our location and they open fire.  The realistic-looking structures crumbles as they take damage making it necessary to keep moving, lest you take a round as your protection disintegrates around you.  This makes the destructible environments are a blessing and a curse.

We assume the role of the deceased soldiers and commandeer a nearby truck. Our English accents are poorly concealed as we attempt to bluff our way through a security checkpoint.  We are forced to switch tactics from finesse to force when several trucks loaded with heavily armed troops attempt to stop us.  The demo of the single-player portion of GoldenEye comes to a close as we click a few happy snaps of sensitive documents pertaining to the location of the weapons cache.   This allows us to move to the true importance of Goldeneye: Multiplayer.

Whenever we look back on the 64 version of Goldeneye we comment not on the single player, which was exceptional on its own, but the multiplayer that defined a gaming generation.  GoldenEye will offer the classic same-console multiplayer experience of its predecessor, a four-player split-screen match, but now includes a new online element.  The Wii online will include leaderboard support, and rely on peer-hosted matches rather than dedicated servers much like how it was done by The Conduit.  Multiple multiplayer modes will ship at launch in the box, rebooting classics like paintball, deathmatch, team deathmatch, and Golden Gun, as well as introducing new, as-yet unannounced, offerings.  The game boasts an extensive character customization present.  You will be able to play as classic bond villains including Jaws, Scaramanga, and Oddjob (equipped with his hat which he throws at targets in place of a melee strike).  The game supports both Wii remote and nunchuk play and Classic Controller Pro.

GoldenEye left us feeling a sense of freshness and familiarity. The choice to deviate slightly from the main story of the original game while still maintaining many of the favourite features will appeals those who were around when the first game was released, and a new generation of Bond fans. The game will be released exclusively on the Nintendo platform when it launches at the end of this year.

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