Preview E3 2010 – Sony Conference



Last year Sony introduced their motion controller to combat Nintendo and Xbox’s Kinect.  With in mind, and with the release of Sony’s 3D TVs, it was clear to expect that both the Move and the 3D gaming would be a big part of their show.

Note: Pictures will be add when available

Killzone 3

This live demo opens on an oil tanker ship, an E3 staple since Metal Gear Solid 2, as the Helghast drop in on jetpacks.  The soldiers take them out, hijack the jetpack and fly around the Helghast flank to take out their turret.  The game looked sharp my attention time and time again being drawn not to the battle but the rough and choppy water that bangs against the side.  The demo, shown in 3D, ended with a release date of February 2011 and the promise that it will be fully compatible with the Playstation Move at launch.

They boasted the importance of 3D, listing off future games to have 3D in the next year such as Crysis 2, Mortal Kombat, Shawn White Skateboarding, Ghost Recon Future Soldier, Tron Evolution and NBA 2k11

Playstation Move

The Playstation Move is Sony’s lollipop looking Wiimote.  The addition to motion controlling gameplay, five years late, come after a promise that Sony would never have a child looking controller to wave about.  Since this is the new product Sony has been spending a lot of time showing it off.  They revealed a combined marketing campaign with Playstation Move and Coke Cola.

Move compatible games.

Time Crisis – Ruse – Killzone 3 – Socom 4

Some existing games will get a free patch at Move’s launch to make it compatible.

Heavy Rain – Resident Evil 5 – Tiger Woods


This is a 3rd person adventure game built specifically for Playstation Move, accurate for its wand shape controller.  The sorcerer is trying to travel into the fairy world to stop the Nightmare Queen.  The gnome looking wizard runs around with a wand casting arcane bolts and freezing spells, all controlled by shaking or flicking the Move.  The movement is also used to drink potions, the changing colour light bulb to shows it is ready.  The trailer really shined when they started to show the different powers, like casting a wall of fire to hold back enemies only to cast a whirlwind through it transforming both spells into a Flame Tornado…Flamenado.

Tiger Wood 2011

The Playstation Move makes Tiger Woods golfing realistic, requiring good form and movement to succeed, bring up the question “If it is to realistic would I simply just go outside?”

The Move functionality will be available via patch at Move’s launch this fall.

Heroes on the Move

This is a working title for a Playstation Move adventure game that has the combined cast of Sly Cooper, Jak and Daxter, and Ratchet and Clank.

Little Big Planet 2

In Sony’s expansion of their “Play-Create-Share” ethos the Move compatible sequel to Little Big Planet is shown.  Now with the ability to build more than just side scrollers you can create racers, shooters, and even simple RTS with an expansive set of tools.

Medal of Honour

This trailer, showing us new content instead of the same multiplayer showed yesterday, introduces us to vehicle driving, night combat and stealth kill.

Dead Space 2

Dead Space 2

Dead Space 2

This trailer, continuing where the EA’s one ended, shows Issac Clarke finishing his battle against a boss on the massive Necromorph which takes place on a densely populated space station, dubbed the “Sprawl”.

Portal 2

Portal 2 was announced to be released on Playstation 3, claiming this to be the superior version.  They premiered in game footage which opens in a junk yard.  GLaDOS has awoken and remember what was done to her.  She asks for the differences to be put aside for science and then call you a monster.

Final Fantasy 14

The MMORPG follow up to FF11 opens with a cinematic trailer that shows us the massive graphical leap the series has taken since its PC and PS2 MMO.

Mafia 2 will launch with PS3 only content, and Assassin’s Creed Brother being the home to the multiplayer demo.

GT 5

This is a stunning racing game that has been long awaited by racing fans, many of which have turned to Grind, Dirt, and Pure to get their racing fix.  The game finally received a date, being released on November 2 worldwide, available in full 3D at launch.

Infamous 2

The sequel to the surprisingly addictive game brings back our electrically powered hero back, this time with a cryo addition to his power pallet.

Twisted Metal

The longest running series in Playstation history, Twisted Metal, returns for PS3 with a live action demo that ends with Sweet Tooth himself driving an ice-cream truck on stage.  The dark vehicle combat shows the aerial combat, the dark humour and the violent weapons and reveals the new focus of the game – faction combat.  They explained the new game mode call Nuke which is a combination of capture the flag, king of the hill, and firing a Nikita missile from MGS


They opened with their PSP segment with clips from their new ad campaign before they dived into the list of games that will be released soon.  Using the new video camera peripheral they announced Invizaimals and Eye pet, but did not give us much about it, and then entered a long list of upcoming games.

Tron: Evolution – Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep – The 3rd birthday – Gravity crash

Dragonball: Tenkachi – Hot Shot Tennis – Madden 2011 – Patapon 3

Fat princess – Tetris – Piyotama – Persona 3 Portable – Ys – Valkeria 2

God of War: Ghost of Sparda

This is a PSP follow up to Chains of Olympus, and it a prequel to the long running series.  The cinematic teaser clearly tells us that this game will be Kratos’ origins and concern the prophecy of a marked man who will influence his life.


Not a bad press release, compared to Xbox, but nothing compared to shock and awe that Nintendo had.  As a game who does not care about the Move or 3D gaming it became dry but with some solid surprises such as Twisted Metal and the stand-up of Kevin Butler, the man from the hilarious playstation commercials.

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