Preview: E3 2010 – Nintendo Conference

In the past Nintendo has failed horrible at E3, revealing little in the way for hardcore gamer and focusing on the casual and fitness market, but this years things have changed.

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The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Nintendo Opened their show with the game everybody wants to see, Zelda.  The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is the first game for Wii touting a full 1:1 movement with the Wii motion plus.  You control Link by using the numb chuck to control the sword, and the swipes to cut the blade.  This was shown to us by Shigeru Miyamoto himself as comes on stage demonstrate.  This Link has new moves, like parkour free-running and shield bash, and new items including a beetle brace, which works like a crossbow, and an Indiana Jones style whip.  Other items return but with new way including bowling with bombs but this game has the epic return of shooting sword beams.  Link is an adult in this game, and the environment is expansive, colourful and beautiful looking.  Enemies have taken a step up by blocking and parrying Link’s attack.

They mentioned a series of EA sport including a NBS Jam Wii then moved on to Mario Games

Mario Sportsmix 2011

This is a Mario sports game in the tradition of the past games.  The crazy sports adventure gives your Mario Volleyball, Mario Hockey, Mario Dodgeball, and Mario Basketball.

Wii Party

Wii Party is a Mario Party like game that claims to bridge the world between hardcore and casual games.  It has 13 minigames.

Just Dance 2

Golden Sun: Dark Dawn

Golden Sun DS

Golden Sun DS

A trailed showed the full 3D gameplay for the system giving the basic story.  The Golden Sun was supposed to bring light back to the world, but something has gone wrong.  A good trailer that shows the game to be pushing the graphical limits on the DS

Goldeneye 007

After a focus group trailer it is revealed that there is a new Goldeneye game being produced by Activision.  This game, exclusive for the Wii, has Daniel Craig as the face and voice, has new multiplayer modes specifically for this game, and will be out this holiday.

Epic Mickey

This is a video game that stars Mickey in another Wii exclusive.  This time Mickey is in the world of Wasteland, the home of abandoned and forgotten character, ride and worlds.  Now they are attacking and Mickey has to save both worlds. He uses Paint, to add and alter the world by adding ledges, cliff and items, and thinner that can erase walls, objects, trees, and even characters.  You switch between 3D world and 2D side scrolling levels some that are reminiscent of Steamboat Willie.

Kirby’s Epic Yarn

This Side scrolling platform game is a world of yarn where Kirby and everything is made of yarn.  Kirby still has his classic powers but new ones where he can unhitch the world as needed.

Dragonquest 9

The game, released in only eight days, boast to be 150+ hours, have 200 quests, and over 300+ monsters.

Donkey Kong Country Returns

A surprise that caught the audience stunned, Donkey Kong Country Returns looks like the updated games of the past with both Donkey and Diddy on screen, the pair ridding animals, leaping into barrels and picking up bananas.

Nintendo 3DS

After a lengthy talk which summarizes as ‘Reggi Hates 3D Glasses,’ we are introduced to the Nintendo 3DS.  The Device looks like a modified DS with two screens but that is where the differences end.  It has a 3.5 inch widescreen top screen and a touch screen only on the bottom.  The D-pad is now joined by an Analog controls stick with both gyro and motion sensors.  The multiple cameras allow for the device to take 3D pictures and even watch 3D movies, all without the need for glasses.  Nintendo boasted deals with Disney, Warner Brothers and Dreamworks for future 3D movie titles.  The device has a slider on the side to adjust the level of 3D going from maximum 3D to none at all.  The 3DS system now boasts stronger processing power and graphical abilities.  The system also has automatic communication between 3DS even on different games.

Kid Icarus Uprising

The past Project: Sora has been revealed to be a fully 3D title made only for the 3DS, claiming that a launch like this needed a hero familiar to the old Nintendo Fans.  We suddenly see Pit as he speaks, in English, “Sorry to keep you waiting!”

Kid Icarus Upising, exclusive to the 3DS, is a full 3D adventure game that has Pit fighting against the gods and mythology to save the world with him fighting Cerbures and a massive evil Death wielding his trademark scythe.  The game boasts full flying controls.

3DS Games

Nintendo mentioned Nintendogs +cats, but then followed up listing some of the 20+ third party companies and their games, that will be making games exclusively for the 3DS

Dj Hero – Kingdom Hearts – Saints’ Row – Madden – Resident Evil

Assassin’s Creed – Metal Gear Solid – Batman – Rigid racer


After several disappointing years of Nintendo E3 2010 has blown everything out of the water.  The Zelda was expect, as was the Kirby due to hints, but the massive surprises were Kid Icarus Uprising, Donkey Kong Country Returns, Goldeneye 007 and the list of game available for the 3DS but the truth was the show was stolen by the 3DS and all of it portable 3D experiences.

Despite the retro feel of the 80’s, which in the case of Nintendo is not a bad thing, this year feels like Nintendo was finally listening to their hardcore audience letting us know that we are important.

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