Geekdown: Top Ten Pokémon I Want in Pokkén Tournament

So news was released that a new Pokémon game was being announced. Today we got the announcement. Pokken Tournament: a tournament fighter, like Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat, staring the Pokémon from — well —– Pokémon. The game is also being created by the Tekken Team.

Now I would assume that the roster will be limited to mostly humanoid Pokémon and probably mostly fighting-type or fighting themed Pokémon. But who will get in? The trailer shows only Lucario and Machamp but who else would you want in it?

Here are my ten. Continue reading

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Tuesday Test: SDCC 2014

Welcome Back to Tuesday Test.  SDCC.  San Diego Comic-Con.  Are there four words in this world that mean more to the geek world then San Diego Comic-Con?  I hardly doubt it.

New comics news; New movies news; New game news; new GEEK NEWS.  Everything I care about is announced here.  Well — everything I care about except how damn good I look in my reflection.

SO to celebrate here is a SDCC ’14 wordsearch.  Find the things that made thebiggest news this weekend.


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Geekdown: Best Weird Al CDS

Weird Al Yankovic. You would think after four articles – four BACK TO BACK – articles about the man I’d be running out of things to say about him. Well you’re wrong. The only things I have left to say about him, however, are WAY TO PERSONAL.

Seriously I’d seem like a freak or something.

I did get to meet the man though, Back Stage Pass in 1999 for the Running with Scissors Tour.   BOOYEAHKASHA!!

To celebrate his release of Mandatory Fun I looked at all 14 albums and I chose the TOP TEN Weird Al Albums Continue reading

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Geekdown: Weird Al Parodies

I might have revealed this before but I am a MASSIVE Weird Al Fan. Seriously. MASSIVE – and a BIG FAN – and HARD CORE FAN.

To Summarize: when it comes to Weird AL i’m Big, Massive and Hard: WAIT.

That came out wrong.

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Geekdown: Best Weird Al Originals

I have been a big Weird Al fan for years, like years and years. There may have even been a couple years before that – but that’s it.

Amongst Weird Al fans you find the discussion of what is better, the parodies or the original music? Some think that the songs he writes, like Skipper Dan, Everything you know is Wrong and Dare to be Stupid, are better than some of his parodies. Others think that him making fun of popular music is superior.

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Tuesday Test: Weird Al

Welcome back to Tuesday Test.  Today marks the relase of Mandatory Fun – the latest CD by the King of Parody – Weird Al Yankovic

From his first CD in 1983 to Bad Hair Day, Even Worse, Straight otta Lynwood and Alpocalypse – Weird Al has given us some of the best music, both parodies and not, that has ever hit the airwaves.  To celebrate his release I give the Weird Al Wordsearch! Continue reading

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Tome of Geek: Old Man’s War

OldMansWar(1stEd).jpgOld Man’s War.

What can be said about this book that hasn’t already been said? What could I add to a review that would make mine stand out? What could I add to a review that would lend an iota of credibility or originality to my work? The truth: absolutely nothing. A lot bigger names then I have said a lot more meaningful things about this book then I could. So when all else fails and my backs to the wall I do what I do best. I rely on humour and sarcasm.

Old Man’s War – by John Scalzi – is a brilliant military sci-fi book. It takes a society where 75 year old men and women enlist in the Colonial Defense Force to fight. When they get there they find their mind transferred into an upgraded-cloned body of them in their prime. Then they are sent into space with a rifle and some armour and told to fight – a war – in space. IN. SPACE.

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